How to produce great content for your channel marketing program

April 12, 2016 Content

Is your channel marketing content still focused on promoting the features of your latest products and services? That’s been the focus of market development funds (MDF) since they were introduced three decades ago but this outdated approach is no longer having the desired impact. That’s because buyers have so many other sources of information before they ever speak to your sales team. Instead of emphasising your strengths, you need to focus on what these people need.

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Why interactive content needs to be part of your marketing strategy

March 31, 2016 Content, B2B

Producing more engaging content is the number one challenge for B2B marketers. Yet for some reason most people are still playing a numbers game and ramping up production – global spending is expected to reach $313 billion in 2019, which would mean investment has virtually doubled within five years.

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How to maximise the impact of your channel marketing content

March 24, 2016 Content

In last week’s post I said producing great content was the most important aspect of reimagining your channel marketing programs. Content that’s focused on the business goals and challenges of your target audience instead of your products and services. Getting this right will greatly improve your chance of making an impression.

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Why personalisation will make or break your content strategy

March 21, 2016 Content

As a marketer, you hear about the importance of personalisation and targeting all the time. We all know these are essential elements of a great content strategy, but sometimes our days get so busy that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach seems more appealing.  Unfortunately, failing to pay attention to personalisation guarantees that you’re delivering a poor experience to your audience.

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3 ways to improve audience engagement with B2B content

March 14, 2016 Content

When it comes to building an audience, engagement is everything. After all, there's no point having a huge following if most of those people have little connection with your brand. Unfortunately, sparking audience engagement is easier said than done. With so much content inundating our daily lives, only the best will stand out and strike a chord with your customers.

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How to build a balanced B2B content strategy

March 10, 2016 Content

I spend a lot of time talking with marketers and channel managers in the technology industry. They’ll often tell me they already have lots of content on their website. I’m sure that’s true of yours too. Unfortunately, there’s a common problem.

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5 steps to a better content marketing workflow

March 07, 2016 Content

While the world’s most successful content marketers are best known for their ability to tell a great story, there’s another underlying feature they all share. Research from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) shows the most effective content marketers are those with a documented plan. This includes creating a clear strategy and a content calendar but there’s one other crucial step that often gets overlooked – building out a content marketing workflow.

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How to measure the success of your channel marketing content

March 02, 2016 Content

We’ve published a couple of posts on the blog recently detailing why your approach to market development funds (MDF) has to change. To recap, these programs were designed in the 1980s when buyer behaviour was very different and more predictable. They’re just not fit for purpose in a world where your B2B customers have so much knowledge at their fingertips and are taking longer than ever to make purchasing decisions.

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How to produce the best content for B2B lead generation [SlideShare]

February 29, 2016 Content

As a B2B marketer there are lots of good reasons to produce quality content. You want to build brand awareness, engage your target audience and improve customer retention. Yet new research from the Content Marketing Institute shows these important metrics are all secondary to the one measure that really defines the success of your efforts – lead generation.

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The biggest problems with your MDF program (& how to fix them)

February 24, 2016 Content, marketing, B2B

Technology vendors rely on a complex network of channel companies to take their latest products and services to market. They support attempts to create new market opportunities through market development funds. Unfortunately, the playbook underpinning MDF programs was written in the 1980s and hasn’t changed much during the past three decades.

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